Discover how to increase revenue as a HelloPay merchant by selling airtime, electricity, vouchers, and bus tickets. Earn commissions on each sale, boosting your income effortlessly. Explore the benefits of diversifying your offerings with HelloPay for enhanced business growth and financial success. Start maximizing profits today

Value Added Services for your Small Business

How to Boost Your Income with HelloPay: Sell Airtime, Electricity, Vouchers, and Bus Tickets for Extra Cash!

Did you know? That you can earn extra cash by offering more than just your regular services through HelloPay? That’s right! By selling airtime, electricity, vouchers, and bus tickets from your HelloPay TOUCH device and the Qmobile App, you can increase your earnings and provide valuable services to your customers.

Expanding the variety of services you offer can significantly impact your business growth. Research shows that diversifying product offerings can enhance the success of Spaza shops and small businesses, leading to a 10-20% increase in monthly revenue.

Let’s break down the commissions you can currently earn on these items:


  1. Airtime:

Network Specific Airtime & DATA (e.g., Vodacom, Cellc, MTN): 3.5% commission

EasyLoad (Universal Airtime): 5% commission

Example: If you sell R100 worth of EasyLoad airtime, you’ll earn R5 in commission.



  1. Vouchers:

OTT: 3.5% commission

Flash: 3.0% commission

Others (e.g., Netflix, Playstore, PlayStation): 3.5% commission

Example: If you sell a R200 Netflix voucher, you’ll earn R7 in commission.



  1. Electricity:

Meter Electricity: 2.0% commission

Uni-Pin: 3.5% commission

Example: If you sell R500 worth of Uni-Pin electricity, you’ll earn R17.50 in commission.



  1. Bus Tickets:

Bus Tickets: 5% commission

Example: If you sell a R300 bus ticket, you’ll earn R15 in commission.

Remember, these commissions will be directly deposited into your linked HelloPay TOUCH account.



It’s important to note that commissions may change over time. Make sure to stay informed about the latest commission rates through HelloPay to accurately plan and manage your earnings. By diversifying what you offer through HelloPay, you can attract more customers and boost your income. So, start promoting these additional services and watch your earnings grow! Stay tuned for more tips on how to maximize your profits with HelloPay! Happy selling!


Disclaimer: Commissions mentioned are accurate as of 2023. However, commission rates are subject to change. Please refer to the latest updates from HelloPay for the most current commission rates. Commissions will be deposited directly into your linked HelloPay TOUCH account.



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