Premium Banking

HelloPay and HelloPaisa Premium Banking

Are you a HelloPay merchant eager to elevate your business to new heights? We are thrilled to announce a game-changing opportunity for you! Introducing HelloPaisa banking, featuring an exclusive upgrade to the Premium account for a mere R99 per month. This bespoke banking solution is carefully crafted to equip your business with a surplus of benefits that transcend traditional banking services. Let’s delve into the exceptional features that make HelloPaisa Premium banking the ultimate choice for HelloPay merchants.

1. FREE Business Cover:


Protect your business with FREE business cover, providing comprehensive coverage up to R500,000 and ensuring peace of mind and financial security.

Covered Events:


-Fire and explosions

-Acts of nature such as floods, storms, wind, lightning, or hail

-Impact damage (e.g., from a vehicle, tree, or aircraft)




-Power surges

-Acts of malicious intent (Malicious Damage Cover)

-Accidental damage

-Geyser bursts or leakages and resultant damage

-Gradual deterioration, wear and tear, vermin, or rodent damage

-Damage during maintenance, whether by you or a contractor

-Money, airtime vouchers, or gift vouchers of any nature

Please contact a HelloPaisa or HelloPay agent for a comprehensive list of coverage.  

2. FREE Armed Response:


HelloPaisa banking offers FREE access to armed response services for instant emergency support 24/7, ensuring personal security and peace of mind. The HP Rapid Response App, available on Android, allows customers to add up to 2 dependants for FREE, enabling quick assistance during emergencies by pressing the panic button.

3. FREE Medical Response:


In critical emergencies, rapid medical response can be a lifesaver. HelloPaisa banking provides this essential service at no cost to you.

4. Access to Capital:


Seize opportunities and fuel your business growth with easy access to capital, offering funding up to R250,000 when you need it most.

5. Cheaper HelloPaisa Remittance Rate:


Maximize your profits by saving on every remittance through unbeatable remittance rates, exclusively offered to HelloPaisa Premium banking account holders. Embrace the future of banking with HelloPaisa Premium, where tailored solutions empower HelloPay merchants to thrive and succeed. Upgrade now and experience a new level of financial support and security.



For inquiries and account upgrade, visit HelloPaisa Premium Banking or contact our dedicated support team.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides an overview of HelloPaisa Premium Banking benefits. For comprehensive details and terms of coverage, please refer to official documentation or consult a HelloPaisa representative.

How can I sign up?

To sign up contact us on WhatsApp and simply ask for a HelloPay agent to sign you up or call 010 109 5251.



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